Fairfield Art Society Online Open Art Prize 2020

Photography Section
Fairfield City Art Society Inc.
Photography Prize
#30  "Nankeen Kestral​" by
 Julie Powell

Photography Prize

 Digital Art Prize

Judge's Comment: "Perfectly positioned and beautifully framed in soft pastel hues and delicious texture, this portrait offers a distinctively painterly and deliciously elegant interpretation of the chosen subject. Every detail from edge to edge feels skilfully and thoughtfully crafted and the raptor is presented to us with a beautifully subtle but compelling sense of dimensionality."
Highly Commended

#79  "Blinded by the light" by

Bjorn Hansen
Judge's Comment: "Intriguing use of layering, narrative and symbolism that dexterously seems to ask as many questions as it answers. The textural aspects of the image are absolutely superb and the technique doesn’t overpower the subject matter but works to complement it suggestively.."
Highly Commended

#78  "Too Much" by

Bjorn Hansen
Judge's Comment"A gritty, industrial, textural piece that challenges the viewer to engage in order to find a level of interpretation that sits true."
Highly Commended

#108  "After the flood" by

Leise Knowles
Judge's Comment: "This image uses an intriguing play of depth and perspective, delicious grain structure and darkly mysterious palette to seemingly pay homage to artists of the past."

#108  "Rainforest Magic - 
Blue Mountains World Heritage Area" by

Phillip Johnson
Judge's Comment: "A wonderfully subtle piece. Well framed, endearingly soft and fluid like presentation with a hint of texture and structure to hang onto. "
The Fairfield City Art Society thanks  Paul Hoelen for judging this section.