28th Fairfield Art Prize Annual Exhibition 2021
Fairfield City Art Society Inc.
2021 On-Line Exhibition:

Important dates

Open date for entries:     Sunday 3rd October 12.00 midnight;
 Closing date for entries:  Sunday 28th November 12.00 midnight (to be confirmed);
Publish winning entries and display all on our website: Monday, 13th December

Prize Categories: 

                                                                      First Prize                         Second Prize                               
                                Best in show:                    $1,000                                    n/a
                                Traditional:                         $500                                    $250
                                Contemporary:                   $500                                    $250 
                                Works-on-paper:                $500                                    $250 
                                Photography/Digital:          $500                                    $250 
                                Sculpture/Ceramics:          $500                                    $250 
                                P. A. Markwick Mem:         $250                                      n/a
                                Fairfield Resident :            $100 Art material gift voucher 

                            Total prize pool:                         $5,100

The link below will be activated on the Sunday the 3rd of October